Wednesday, January 9, 2008


yayy!! we all love etsy! now we all fall down. kerplunk.
ok... rite.
Anyhow, My name's Ashley-Michael.
I am in good ol columbus ohio. hooray...
I love projects, selling things in etsy, and occasionally get myself into trouble.
I am a student at Ohio State University, for Geological sciences and Linguistics.
Fun times...
Come share your online self with me on my myspace pages, the clothing one is
and the just me page is
Feel free to message me, add me, whatever. If you're in Columbus, I would really like to join ( or start) a craft club that meets weekly to do whatever, drink coffee (or beers) ore SMOOTHIES!!! We can trade crafts, recipes (vegan if possible although I won't discriminate!) and talk about fun stuff, and not so fun stuff.
yippie skippy!!!

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