Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Ebay charms for the next 6 days !

Due to the response I've been getting on ebay with my charms, I've listed a few more to bid on!!! links below:

If you hate bidding, I have more styles and colors @


Thursday, February 7, 2008

Myspace friends join me!

Links to my etsy site are on there too.... feel free to comment, and add me !

Charm charm pictures!

I thought it would be appropriate to finally post a link to my photobucket.... with some photos of charms I've completed. And some from just... me. Not having anything to do with charms at all....
Feel free to send comments on them, love them/hate them.... also have a few up on ebay under the seller: ashwahine..... feel free to browse those too!!!

This one is my favourite, I actually cut two little red skulls out from other fabric, and placed them over the fruit cherries. I won't be selling this one any time soon :)

Saturday, January 12, 2008

ATTN: Columbus, Ohio! Craft meetings?!

For those of you who get out as often as I do... which isn't often enough, I would REALLY enjoy the company of other crafters and hobby enthusiasts.
If you have any ideas or know of one in existence, or would like to start one around campus area, let me know.
ALL CRAFTS welcome!

Wednesday, January 9, 2008


yayy!! we all love etsy! now we all fall down. kerplunk.
ok... rite.
Anyhow, My name's Ashley-Michael.
I am in good ol columbus ohio. hooray...
I love projects, selling things in etsy, and occasionally get myself into trouble.
I am a student at Ohio State University, for Geological sciences and Linguistics.
Fun times...
Come share your online self with me on my myspace pages, the clothing one is
and the just me page is
Feel free to message me, add me, whatever. If you're in Columbus, I would really like to join ( or start) a craft club that meets weekly to do whatever, drink coffee (or beers) ore SMOOTHIES!!! We can trade crafts, recipes (vegan if possible although I won't discriminate!) and talk about fun stuff, and not so fun stuff.
yippie skippy!!!